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Mission Statement:

Our mission is to provide patients with the highest quality of home care and specialty pharmaceuticals and to provide managed care organizations and its members access to cost effective and best pharmacy practice.


“I am extremely pleased with the services and staff response at Mid-Valley Health Services. Staff is very professional, knowledgeable and prompt. Other companies don’t come close to the service I received here. Thank you very much.”

“Great support; very professional and friendly. Everyone involved made our days a lot easier with their warmth and knowledge. Thank you so much for being there to help.”

“Everyone was very helpful and professional. I could not have asked for more. Instructions were clear and all my questions answered. Very Pleased! Thank you for all you do.”

“The Infusion pump was easy to use. We are grateful for the ability to administer medicine and remain at home. Excellent service and information; very helpful. Thanks you for all your help.”

“Thank you for helping to make my son’s healthcare so easy. The delivery of medication and supplies to my home made everything less stressful than if I had to pick it up myself. My son and I are very grateful for your services. Thank you.”